Yoyomasterall's BST Boyd Vs. Augie BVM Inside!!!

Hi Guys i havent done a online trade in a number of months. :stuck_out_tongue: so now its time to.


YYF: Genesis’s Supernova Super G Superstar OG 1st run GM2
YYJ: Go Big Fiesta
CLYW:Peak Avalanche Gnarwhal Sasquatch Cheif BVM
One Drop:“Code 1, 1st run fades solid colrs or orange zest only” Code 2 Burnside 54
YYR:Dreadnought G
Crucial: Metal tes leches Tes leches Heavy Cream Milk 2%
Chico:Heavy Hitter
Anti Yo: Bapezilla Eetsit
General Yo: Hatrick
Vs Newton:Skywalker Ti Walker
String Therory:Remnant
G Squared: Albatross


Any YYF YYJ Genral Yo or C3 besides whats above
CLYW Canvas Campfire or Bassalope
any 888s
no bootlegs or beaters
no yomega or duncan! (duncan i will except for a deal sweetner thts it)


for pictures txt me at 414 530 0022 stating your yye username and wht ur interested in


Boyd vs. Augie BVM - red. has some scuffs and 1 ding. has a ct tiny vibe very rare and amazing thorw will only trade for other CLYWS

Genesis - Red W/ gold splash. Near mint only some lil ano burns and 1 pinprick. pretty smooth great throw TRADE ONLY

Grind Machine 2 - Ya its the blue limited ed again (i keep getting it back:p) not for bad reasons i just keep trading back for it. it has satined rims and the outter rim. small vibe good throw and good for a collector!$70 shipped
Equinox - trans yellow/Green has a crack in the cup Does not effect play! no caps. has alot of offstring marks. amazing thorw! WILL ONLY TRADE FOR ANOTHER OFFSTRING

Go Big - Half Pink Half blue. no caps small offstring marks WILL ONLY TRADE FOR AMAZING DEAL!!!

Coming in mail

Genesis & B+ Superwide traded for Boyd vs Augie BVM and ONE
Halo traded for Iron Man Genesis
Superstar & B+ JK traded for GM2 & Go Bighttp://