Yoyomasta's returning BST!!! Lots of stuff!

Hey guys! I decided to take a break from yoyoing for a little bit but after MOYO and Minnisotta state, I decided that I should go ahead and fully come back! So here’s my stuff!

FROM TOP LEFT TO RIGHT: Alex berengul Sasquatch, Blue with red speckle Sasquatch, Raw avalanche (was fools gold hulk smash), Comeback Foolsgold Avalanche, YYR Messiah (it is real), Blue cascade, diamondback, Code 1, B-Grade Avante Garde (44 clash edition), Werrd Hour, YYJ Raw Karma, C3 Capless, 2012 Genesis, 2012 Supernova, 2010 Severe!

CLYW: Any BUT things like the gnarwal, campfire would not be as high in value to me, I WANT FOOLSGOLD!
YYF: 2011 AND 2012 Supernovas, I’d do one of my GENESIS for one, but not my gold one
I really want some older version Avalanches!
OFFER ME ANYTHING! But please… Don’t lowball

VIDEO: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OF9VJm9Hfhs