YOYOMACHINE! 1st yoyo company from the Philippines

These are promo videos for our first yoyo, The Weaver.(yes, we’re big dota fans here :3)

1a video from our team member John Regala

another vid from team member Paolo Alto

53mm dia
43mm width
4.5mm gap

if you watch the videos you’ll notice you can put pads on the OUTSIDE of the yoyo.

WOW! That horizontal 5a was sick. Nice tricks and the yoyo looks even better! The specs look like my ideal yoyo, and +1 for the V shape. Do you have a website or Facebook page for more updates? Are these already for sale or still in production? Looks like you have a great product. Keep me posted please!


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we do have a facebook page, its at

we’re already selling 'em, but only in the Philippines at the moment.
We’ll try to get them here!

I’ve been liking your design since I saw it on SY blog.

Very nice, I want one.

Why would you want pads on the outside?

Why would you want pads on the outside?

It has grooves to hold a spare set of pads. So if your pads wear out on the go, you have a replacement set!

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Oh thats cool. I thought you just sticked pads on the outside to make it look cool