OK, I know a bunch of people here go to Yoyojoes yoyoclub on Saturdays at 4PM. The ones I know so far are:

Mongoriller (me)

Let me know if you go there! I’m seeing if there’s anybody here that I never knew went, so, yeah!

whatever happened to mark? he hasnt been on since august i think

see ya there saturday

Eh, Marks all busy with his cross country he says. He said he stopped yo-yoing for a while.

i live in NJ and my parents can’t drive me there on demand but i really want to go there.

I’m going to ask on Saturday…

Markie hasn’t really stopped yoyoing, he just isn’t taking it as seriously during XC season.

He said he might come this week too.

ill be there saturday cya guys there

Hey guys, due to my cousons B-Day, Can’t go. Sorry.