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(Chris Allen) #1

I miss seeing Johnnie Delvalle compete. He had a true “showman” quality that is not seen enough on the tourney scene. Johnnie is not a stereotypical yoyoer. By my own observation, most yoyoers are malnutrition skinny or “pleasantly plump”. I fall into the latter. Of course there are exceptions, and if your reading this and thinking, “NO I AM NOT” than you are either in denial or one of the rare exceptions. Johnnie is an exception. JD is in shape, has a clean cut look, and most importantly, he knows this. This is why it is fun to see him compete. Case in point, JD’s videos promoting the X-Convict back in 2004. JD is rocking pro wrestler style pythons and wearing a muscle shirt. In 2003 he started his winning Worlds 1a freestyle by taking off his button up. Girls screamed. There were not many girls there, but other girls ran into the room and screamed, then realized it was a yoyo competition and left. That was a few years ago back when the X-Convict was first released, but JD still looks like he could punch his way into a bank vault. JD now has a new business to run and in with that, a professional edition of this signature throw. The X-Con Professional.
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(laxdude99) #2

Great Review as usual