Yoyojam Unleashed Review

I bought the Unleashed after my friend said it was good, and I trust him. I bought it, and compared to my overdrive, it was so bad. The gap was so small and I can’t get the string on it. It was pretty bad for that. The sleep time wasn’t as good either. I will make a pro con list

Yoyo will come back up
Doesn’t come with that stupid rubber band

The gap is so small my string can’t get on it

3/10 I wish i could get the string in the gap

Hmmm not that great of a review! Lol

It is meant for looping.

Oh I forgot this is that troll. Oops!

Well, like anything else, ya pays yer money and takes yer chances.
Sorry it didn’t work out for you.
Better luck next time.

You thought it was ugly?
Didn’t you see it before buying? Don’t make a blind purchase. Don’t expect a looper to do string tricks, not that it is impossible.

jimmies remain unrustled. Go troll somewhere else, please.