Yoyojam, Tom Kuhn, YYF, Proyo, TiPhiter

Giving this one last try. All items in new, unused condition. Shipping priority mail starting at $8.50.

EMAIL ME, do not post a board message if you want a reply. David Hall, whistler42@swcp.com

Yoyojam Phat Boy, Lemon Yellow, $85
Tom Kuhn Redline, $35
Tom Kuhn Pocket Rocket, $40
Playmaxx Proyo Ace 2, Blue and Black, $125
Yoyofactory Fast 401k, Gunmetal Grey, $125

Yoyojam Blue Aquarius Offstring, $35
Yoyojam Doc Pop Super Sellout, $125
Yoyojam Mega SpinFaktor, Light blue opaque, $75
Yoyojam Ninja, $45
Yoyojam Orange Aquarius Offstring, $35
Tom Kuhn Batik No Jive 3, $105

Kyo Tiphiter #14. Titanium yo-yo. Make an offer on this one. Best offer takes it. Offers start at $750. This is super rare, only 18 made and this is one of first few Titanium yoyos ever made. This is great one, slightly undersized. Very beautiful and elegant design. I only have one of these.


@kyo First TiPhiter I’ve seen for sale publicly in over a decade :scream:


Wow, that’s insanely rare.

For history sake - it’s “technically” the second titanium yoyo ever made, but is absolutely the first playable one. The preceding yoyo (the Titan gold) is pure jewelry that wasn’t meant to be used.


Also have Freehand Zeros …$35 each . Ladies Edition, National Yo-Yo League, Steve Brown, Skilltoys.com. All new in package.