Yoyojam Thin Lube

It has been quite a few weeks since I bought my Dark Magic II but I don’t know why I’ve only just thought about buying Yoyojam lube (probably because I was so amazed by the excellent spin and quality of the Dark Magic II) so I was wondering if

  1. Any of you have or had a Yoyojam Dark Magic II applied with some Yoyojam thin lube and know how long the lube lasted for or
  2. Know how long a Yoyojam thin lube will last (preferably for a Dark Magic II or maybe another Yoyojam yo yo.)
    so that I know how much lube I need and how many bottles I need to buy. It would also be helpful if any of you know how much lube would I need to last me, let’s say 1 month

Thanks. ;D

I’ve had a bottle of thin lube for years! You only need one bottle unless you want to place bottles of the stuff in several locations. It takes less than a drop on one ball in the bearing. How long it lasts depends on how much you play.

I have bearing lube in multiple locations - those bottles last a very, very long time. As skitrz noted, it doesn’t take much per application - some people apply lube with a needle and apply just the little amount that adheres to the tip of the needle when you insert it into the lube. Personally, I like the One Drop V4M and apply a big drop each time I use it.

Once you clean and lube the bearing your good to go for awhile. You will know if you get something in the bearing or it becomes responsive. Just clean again and relube. Maybe everyother month or longer.