Yoyojam Theory Review

The weight of the Theory is 68.9 Grams. The Bearing is a YYJ Speed Bearing. When holding the Theory the pattern in the metal. Reminds of a Pattern from an Old Werrd Throw. This is very smooth yoyo in play and its fun to play with the Dimples. This is a High quality budgeted yoyo that is very budgeted. The only other high quality budgeted priced yoyo is the Werrd Hour. With this yoyo being released at the beginning of 2013. You can expect more suprises from Yoyojam like this one. I highly reccomend this yoyo to intermediate to advanced players. It is just too fun not to have.

Perfectly summed it up right there.


but is it a budgeted high quality throw that is very high quality?