YoYoJam Synthesis


I just saw it. Looks amazing.

“Experimenting with marbling this week, and came up with these… YOYOJAM PRESENTS: SYNTHESIS – an ALL METAL yoyo coated with marble material. So yes, it plays like a full metal, but has the beautiful looks of marble. We’ll have a handful of these at the World YoYo Contest!”

According to JD this will go for roughly $125.00


One Drop Valor is where it’s at maaaaan


I want some Chinese food.

How much are those going for?


Lemme ask JD.


I might be interested in this if the engravings look ok


Oh jeez, I hope it doesn’t have engravings because they will ruin it… At the most, I hope it has removable caps.


Maybe if they refined it a bit more it’d be nice, but right now it just seems too “busy” and the colors seem to clash.

(M.DeV1) #8

And I’m still waiting on a metal with spinning rims.


It’s already been done by jazz-yo


Say again?



Aoda Photon Spirit…


Oh yea. You can get them on eBay for like $22.


Actually it’s Auldey, and they make a metal version.


I know. I, for some reason, pictured the Synergy in my head… It’s late.


That red yoyo looks like the tie fighters from star wars LOLOLOL. But how much are the systhesis yoyos going to cost, about? I bet it’ll cut some hands open if it is made of sharp marble…


Marble would be a horrible material to make a yoyo with, haha


Yeah that’s what I was saying, marble is a little ridiculous… Even though it looks badbutt… Couldn’t it easily cut your hand right open when it comes back to your hand after the yoyo is spinning 100 mph by sleeping? Tell me if I’m wrong.


It is not marble, it is all metal just colored to look like marble. :wink:


In all fairness, the plastic is “marbleized” :smiley:


Ohhhhhhhh. Stupid meeee…