Yoyojam Starburst?

Im going to be making an order off of this site for some of the silicone (Or should I get flowable silicone? Which works better?) and shims and counterweights, and two yoyos.

My plan is to pick up two of cheaper hybrid yoyos (Either a Kickside or Speed Maker) and put the Starburst sides together, silicone the O-ring sides and put those together, and I was wondering, how responsive would the starburst one be? I have a friend I want to get into yoyoing and was thinking I could give him the starburst one and keep the silicone one for some more serious 5A (I wanted to use a cheaper yoyo that I wouldn’t feel bad about when I droped it.)

So my main questions are:

1)How responsive would the starburst yoyo be?

2)Should I buy the yoyojam silicone pads or go get flowable silicone?

3)Should I get two speedmakers or two Kicksides?

Thanks guys!

It should be pretty responsive. If it has a new bearing, it will be very responsive.

  1. Responsive enough for a beginner.
  2. Either one will work, however, I suggest flowable so you can use more in the future.
  3. I personally like the Kickside more, but it is based on personal preference.
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Starburst can either be tug responsive, or un-responsive. My ProJam is un-responsive with starburst, but that all depends on how wide your yo-yo’s gap is.

Get the YYJ silicone. Very good, tight binds, sticks to the recess, durable. Flowable silicone would more be among your choosing.

It really is preference, but I’d get 2 Speedmakers. They have a classic shape and bright colors, and I’ve heard the KickSide isn’t too great, but, it’s all preference. You’d have to wait untill YYE gets Speedmakers back in stock.

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  1. Some people think that starburst is really responsive for some reason but it really isn’t. Sometimes it can be, but same with other responses. It should be unresponsive as long as you don’t tighten the gap too much.

  2. If you don’t want to take some extra time to mess with the flowable, then get the pads, but the flowable is more customizable and the one tube can last you a long time.

  3. Preference. You could also just get a Journey or Projam that would have the double starburst and double o-ring instead.

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I think Im going to try the speed makers, I’ve never used one or a Speeder so I’d like to try the new shape.

I think I might try the flowable… Are there any tuts. on how to do it?

Alright thanks guys!

No, but you can try YouTube.

Flowable silicone is easy. Take the cap off, and squeeze it so it ocmes out into the recess and fill it until it’s full.

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Great! Good lucky with your choices. Here is a video that shows how. It’s actually very simple to do: put the silicone in the recess, set aside for 24 hours while it cures or dries, and either shave it down so it is flush or play with it like is.

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Oh! And don’t silicone the bearing seat instead of the recess! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Video included in there.

I’d also pick up some lube, as you get more advanced you may want different response.

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the kicksid is amazing, love the feel!

If you don’t want to spend as much you could get a Legacy, as it has weight rings and already has silicone pads, but your friend wouldn’t get a yo-yo. :frowning:

It will only be a few dollars more to get the two yoyos and I’d be realy sad if I missed an arial and dropped a Legacy… :‘( :’(

But the point of this was to get two yoyos at the end and I want to try somthing new… Im going to go with the speed maker and play with it awhile stock just for fun and then do the double Silicone…

Thanks for the idea anyways!

your welcome!

Umm… I never dropped a 30 foot high Arial with a Legacy and hit a rock…

:stuck_out_tongue: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

I hope thats the truth… lol

… ::slight_smile: