YoYoJam - SR-71 | YoYoSkills.com Review

Nathan Crissey is a real, honest to God, Rocket Scientist. He could actually have a business card that says “Nathan Crissey – Rocket Scientist” and use it at parties to pick up super-hot models that are secretly Rocket Scientist groupies. Nathan is also a recipient of the National Yo-Yo Merit award, the Mark Sitton Sportsmanship award, runs the Pacific North West Regionals, and is a long time yo-yo competitor and judge. You could say that Nathan knows a thing or two about yoyos. His last YoYoJam signature yo-yo was the Sirius back in 2005, and now, 5 years later, Nathan and YoYoJam have come out with a new yoyo. The SR-71.

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And yes, I was able to photograph the YoYoJam SR-71 with a real SR-71. Lots of pictures in what I consider one of my favorite photo shoots to date.

Another great review I might have to get this for myself

i want one