yoyojam shims

will yoyojam shims go on any yoyo. I want to know if i can put them on a campfire.

Why would you need to? That would be so dumb to put shims on a Campfire. :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry just like really wide gaps

The campfire has a wide gap. You will be fine.

ok, still want to know if they will fit on other yoyos

any large C, sized bearing should take em
some a sized may also take them

It all depends on how the bearing seat was cut. If they cut it right on the edge of string slippage then shims won’t work.

What Icthus said. You can put them on pretty much any yo-yo you want, they should fit. The problem comes in when the bearing seat is so shallow that the shims hold the bearing beyond the range of the seat.

The Campfire is such a yo-yo. If you put shims on it, the bearing will stick out too far from the bearing seat, and the string will slip under the bearing.