YoyoJam's New Axle System + Shims = ????

Hi guys, I was wondering, can you put shims in a yoyo with yoyojams new axle system? If you do that, does the yoyo tighten all the way/properly? Does it get loose during play? Thanks!

Yoyojam’s New Axle System + Shims = WHY

The gaps on the yoyos that are being released are at least 4mm. New kids don’t understand this, but you really don’t need gigantic gaps. Really. Anything past 5.0mm is unreasonable. Anything past 5.0mm with a center-trac is unreasonable. Anything past 5.00mm with recessed silicone is unreasonable (should be flush).

I’m sure you can put shims, but there’d be no reason to. At all.

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I asked because on another site it said that the gap width of the Dark Magic 2 was 3.23 mm which is too small for me. However, I looked at the yoyo here and you were right, the gap width, with the SPEED bearing, is like 4.95 mm, in which case I really don’t need the shims.

Above 5 mm isn’t unreasonable, it makes a huge difference in play, at least for me anyway. Tricks like skin the gerbil cause my Dingo to snag at times where as on my Genesis, it doesn’t snag at all.

The DMv2 comes w/ 2 bearings, one is a normal C bearing and the other is like a half sized C. That could be why there are 2 gap sizes.

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Yea, its just that another store only gave ONE measurement- the smaller one- and I had thought that that was the max width.

Above 4 mm you stand a good chance of getting some serious kick back.

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Dude. Play a Pyro. 3 mm gap is not that bad.

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Kick back is when the yoyo swings passed vertical when you do a throw down. For example, in a straight front throw to do a sleeper, you expect the yoyo to drop right under your hand, or close to it. If the yoyo has kick back it will swing passed the vertical on a throwdown. A larger gap accentuates this. Depending on the trick, it can throw you off, though you can learn to compensate for it (if you are aware of it). To most players it’s undesirable.

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by your definition, I overplay my kickbacks I love it, I can usually go straight into wrist whips, also if you do it right you can give a forceful swing back forward which looks kinda cool going into split bottom trick imo, ymmv

I dont think you understand what he said. There is a different between moving your elbow and bringing the yoyo back and just flicking your wrist. Kickback is when the yoyo moves undesireably.

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Well put.

Maybe throwback is a better term.

ah, ok I got it now, I was tired last post :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks.