Yoyojam Rexstreme Review

YoyoJam Rexstreme Review

Diameter: 81.0
Width 83.6
Weight 83.6

Initial Thoughts:
There had been a debate going on in my mind whether I should purchase this yoyo or not, the pros were its shape was very wide and easy to catch, however having tried the big yo, made me question buying the rexstreme, for some reason I could not throw a big yo properly there was just way to much kick back. Seeing the rextreme was designed by the same person I was wondering if it had the same problem. However now that I have purchased it I definitely do not regret it

First Throw,
The rexstreme was incredibly easy to catch, but this goes without saying. My second realization was that it was very responsive, Even having a full sized pre cleaned YYJ spec bearing inside it, the yoyo stiil snapped right back to your hand, in a way it was almost snaggy.
After a while:
After throwing the rexstreme around for a little longer I noticed more values this yoyo has to give, because it is made from a poly carbonate plastic it is not super durable however when it hits the ground but it bounces high. This is a plus however I still play with my rexstreme on carpet because I know the poly carbonate is just not going to last against floor boards. Another thing I realized about the rexstreme was that it handled orbits perfectly, it was very hard to miss an arm orbit at all. This is what I expected seeing its designer Rei Iwakura is the orbit master.

Final Thoughts:
I really like the rexstreme, The weight of the yoyo is decent and very easy to adapt to, it can be rather snaggy but, this is a problem with all offstring yoyos with a tight gap, Its durability is not up to scratch with others on the market but as long as you play on a soft surface like Grass or Carpet, the rexstreme should hold up and improve your offstring game.

Hey nice review, also necro