My $10 "ReXtreme"

Now I want I start this by saying that I do not condone nor support bootleg yoyos. I am not going to tell you where to buy this so do not ask.

I came across this idem having $10 left on a gift card, I was trying to get the most bang for my buck that I could find so when i came across this it was a no brainier. Honestly I thought this thing was going to be more of a gag, but still something I could get an introduction into 4A with without the worry of destroying a $50 throw. To my suprise this thing is extremely solid, but being that I have little knowledge on Offstring yoyos that is about all I can say about it for right now. I do however plan on ordering a real YYJ rextreme to test them agaisnt each other. What I can give you now is a specs comparison.

So this is the real ReExtreme
Diameter- 81 mm
Width - 65.84 mm
Weight 83.6 g

And this is the bootleg
Diameter- 81 mm
Width- 65.6 mm
Weight- 82 g

Woah! I’ve never seen anything like it.

Actually looking through differnt online Chinese yoyo stores, I have come to the realization that the ReXtreme is one of the most copied yoyos out today. The dark magic and 888 are also prob in the top 3.

the same brand that made the knockoff phenomizm

Yup lol.

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Although 888 is still relatively common, the various older versions of yyj knockoffs have ironically become quite the collectors items there. It is sometimes said a mint 2006 DM could worth as much as a real yyj DM, although later versions such as the solid colored auldey ones are still virtually worthless.
In general, any sort of copy of foreign yoyos are becoming more and more rare (magicyoyo k7…). Most of the unnamed bootleg companies now seem to prefer to copy Auldey itself instead, such that for each BT5 yoyo there seem to exist at least 2 to 3 different bootleg versions.
Also, skyhawk exists so why rextreme

Which Magc yo yo are you talking about?
Not only have I never heard of the K7 but I don’t know of any magic yoyo line that has a number 7?
Which yoyo is it a bootleg of?

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This one was actually just from Google image search