yoyojam pinnacle thoughts??

ok so im a 5a player :P. i want a couple inexpensive throws to just use when im out of the house for 5a. so i see these new pinnacles desighned for 5a. any thoughts? form a 1a and 5a standpoint?? thanks :slight_smile:

It’s so inexpensive that I’ve added it to my list of yoyos to get without even giving it a second thought.

I have plenty of YYF plastics, which I enjoy a lot, and I have a good number of YYJ throws, but none of their more low cost models. I’ve got a bunch planned for purchase. I hear good things about YYJ plastics so I can’t imagine any issues with the new Pinnacle. It seems like it’s priced to complete around where the Duncan FHZ is.

i would definitly get one for 5a… im still inexperienced enough where there is a chance my yoyo could go flying… for 18 bucks, cant go wrong

1a however, im more interested in high end metal, or super performing plastics, so unless every review i read says this thing is a 1a dynamo, it would be a cw yoyo for me, but definitly worth it