YoYoJam Inspire

so the Inspire is John Narum’s new signature model…does anyone have opinions or information on it?



Pics from yys

does anyone know the cost?

Most likely no more than $50. Just a quess based on other YYJ’s with the same materials.

you know it is fully metal, right?

I love the shape and look. If it is full metal, I can see myself getting one. YYJ needs more full metals.

I thought its priced at 140$ or is that the “next level”?

Next level

If they can release it somewhere in the $50 range, I’ll be buying it day one.

Probably phenom price. Looks awesome though. Loving the sharp edges.

You will be surprised by the price, will go for around the $50 range. :slight_smile:

This is how I feel

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Yess! Spot on!

That’s it. I’m in. Just release it so I can buy it.

Any idea of release colors? The black looks good.


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The shape reminds me of the chaser only a bi-metal

Dude that is an awesome price. I am totally gonna get it(eventually).