YoYoJam ENEME + goods for trade/sale(Closed)

Hey all,

Trade Closed

Just joined the forum and looking to trade my YoYoJam ENEME + some extra goods.

I’m willing to trade for anything that is of equal value for what I have, but I’m specifically looking for/wants:

  • OD Code 2
  • trifecta bearings, 10 ball bearings, center track bearings
  • CLYW snow tires or Irpads(normal or hard) for CLYW throws
  • counterweights
  • silicone response stickers
  • Offstring yoyos (YYJ Fiesta XX preferred)
  • YYF Loop 900’s and Loop 1080’s
  • anything that you will offer
  • or any other CLYW/OD throw.

Any offered yoyo must be in good condition(few dings/scratches excepted), with original bearing and good response pads. Box included is preferred, but not necessary. (This is obvious but important to mentions none the less).

Yoyo is in good condition, and has a few scratches and dings. Most of these are cosmetic, includes original box, 8-ball bearing (fully broken in,terrapin dry lube installed), plus newly installed response pads. Its a good yoyo for anyone that wants an awesome walk around throw.

Extra goods include: Aprox 40 pack of new 50/50 type 6 string , and a set of placement response pads for the yoyo.

You will also notice an extra bearing in the picture, which is a brand new Terrapin X-wing 8-ball ceramic ball bearing. This is only up for bearing to bearing trade, see wants on top.

Pics: (Click to enhance size)






PM or shoot me an email at: shawnw.benson@gmail.com if you are interested or have any questions. USA only.


//Shawn Benson

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