Army Green YYJ ENEME.

The yoyo has a few pinpricks, and what looks to be like rust? Whatever it is, it was already on the yoyo when I got it from YYE, but I never bothered to send it back.

Comes stock except that the Speed Bearing is deshielded.

Will ship w/ the counterweight.

No box. I’ll ship in a Duct Tape Case :slight_smile:

Gone. About to ship out this week.

Pretty much all of those white marks are dust.

You can sort of see the yoyo in this:

Black CLYW Fool’s Gold Wooly Marmot

This is one beast throw, but I want to open my world to other things.

Ano Flaw around Seat Wall.

Been like this since I got it from CLYW, but the bearing post has a slight chip that I haven’t bothered to remove.

Again, no box, but no case. I’ll ship wrapped in Bubble Wrap.

Gone. About to ship out this week

(White Spots are dust in pics)

Any CLYW, as long as condition is pretty good
VsNYYC - Any decent condition
YYF Yuuksta
YYF Supernova Lite
DTI Bassboost


Both are gone :slight_smile:

I’ll be shipping them out this week, so no more offers, please.