A Bunch to Trade!!!

I have a bunch of yoyo’s up for possible trade. Not looking for anything particular, but wouldn’t mind a CLYW, Square Wheels, or some other interesting brand.

If interested in any of the yoyo’s below, I can send additional pics, as well as Double check condition, so you know what you’ll get.

I can ship very fast, and expect the same.

First Row:

Big Brother TT - Red, Very Good, two small dings
YoyoJam Xcon Pro - white, near mintGONE
Audley L3 - Orange/Green, near mint
7075 Dert - Raw, very dinged GONE

Second Row:

YYF Avant Garde - acid green, first run, near mint
YYF Tactic- red, near mintGONE
YFF 888.11, blue, Jason Lee edition, near mint, A+++
Werrd 4xl - purple, groovy, has a few small scuffs

Third Row:

YYF Yuksta- acid green, near mint
YYF 401k - Grey, near mint
YYF 44 - Acid blue, has a few dings
YYF JFK - Blue, near Mint

Bump, Dert is gone.