yoyojam diamondback opinions?


It’s an interesting looking throw that sold out, but I haven’t heard a thing about it. What are the people who bought one thinking? Good/Bad? Regrets?


Eric was at MA States and let me try his. I actually really liked it. felt a teensy bit light, but played like a champ.


Got one.

Quick thoughts: Has the “heavy” throw feel. Not slow and physically heavy so much as a bit forceful when it hits the string. The spin feels powerful coming out of the hand. Medium speed play. No sensation of floatiness. Mine has just the slightest vibe, but not enough to affect play or grinds. I actually like to feel that a little bit on the string.

The finish grinds surprinsingly well for having a metal-finished ring right in the grind zone. It’s no General Yo blast, but it’s good.

Stability is…hard to describe. It can be tilted relatively easily on string hits. Not terrible and certainly better than a lot of throws, but still probably moreso than you would expect given the weight. However, it doesn’t spin out very easily like some throws do once they begin to tilt. It can be corrected on the DB and play can continue.

Looks amazing. The blue is a very deep, rich color and the anno has a very unique satin paint look. The diamond overlay pattern is also super nice looking, especially how it runs over onto the bronze ring’s different finish uninterupted. Shape is also really comfy and the big rims make for easy snap starts.

Would I buy again at this price? Maybe. I don’t love it, yet. But I have been playing it a alot and enjoying it. It competes very well with throws around $100 from One Drop and the rest, but it looks much cooler, so if that’s important to you then it’s probably worth that extra $20.


My Son picked up the green Worlds version and he loves it. I have seen Eric doing some awesome combos with it and it moved quick . A full size throw that feels nice in your hand and not to floaty .It seems to throw a nice breakaway also without tilting on a bad throw . And Eric is one of the coolest throwers and role models of the sport . And if you know him your lucky . The metal weight ring is very useful in stability of the Diamondback as in other YYJ throws . I have everyone of Erics throws he is a Icon and has been in the scene forever and he knows Yo’s.


can you explain this line please.
I have a Werrd HOUR that do easily tilt when hitting the string. if this is kind of a techniqe or something please explain it. and if there is any video out there it would be briliant.



I assume he meant tilt correcting using the string to tilt the yo yo. Like moving your throw hand forward and your non throw hand back while in a trapeze to cause the string to rub and change the angle of tilt.