yoyojam Big Yo

to start this yoyo is huge I bought it because it was bigger
but it is a giant purple monster though have yet to try offstring i doubt it will do poorly
here is how i rate it
pros I love the reactions from this yoyo. and after a little getting used to i was easily able to do a wrist mount but i think ladder escape is out of the questions size also makes it more visibly appealing
cons it is very light so i feel it doesn’t spin as well. also first look it kinda seemed like it was junky but after hitting the ground a couple of times i was impressed especially after my hauybasa cracked first drop
in conclusion this is a yoyo to buy because it turns heads and is good for most tricks
i also assume since this is only day 2 the spin time will also increase a little

Buy it before it goes away into history as the monster of playable yoyos

That was fairly hard to follow.

Very hard.
I would Go more into detail and NOT use a rating system.

If this is your first review, well, you did alright. Like Matt said, i wouldn’t recommend using a rating system. In your next review try using pictures and SPECS. Good job though man!

Try to make it more organized

i find it funny that no actually cares about the yoyos anymore. All they care about is the reviews and how good you did. if you guys like telling people about what they did right or wrong in there reviews so much then why dont you make a review of a review.

Because a review of a review has been done here:

Also, whats the point about trying to learn something from a review if the review sucks?

Maybe we didn’t take in anything about the yo-yo, because we couldn’t even read what he said.

Also, everyone above used constructive criticism, not saying it is the worst review ever, but saying it could be a little more organized and not use a rating system.

Exactly. A review is made to give people information about things and allow them to make an informed decision. If the reveiw is bad, what help does that give you?

i know why you do it i just find it funny