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Takeshi Matsuura is not human. He is a robot sent from the future to dominate any and all styles of yo-yo competition play. I mean come on. His signature yo-yo is called the Ai. I saw that movie and all it did was make me frightened of teddy bears. You may think your seeing an e-fan combo, but what you are really seeing is a robot mastermind recharging his flux capacitor time circuits to bring in the robot army……
Alright, so maybe he isn’t “Terminator Takeshi”, but the kid is absolutely amazing. 13 years old, and now resting on multiple World and Japan Nationals championship titles. At such a young age, no where to go but up, it is clear that this YoYoJam sponsored machine has been due a signature yo-yo for a while. YoYoJam has delivered. Designed to work with all three of Takeshi’s chosen play styles, and kicking off the first of 5 YoYoJam reviews, here is the YoYoJam Ai.

YoYoSkills Review of the YoYoJam Ai

Another great review

I’m sad the ai didn’t play as well, as I thought it would