Yoyoing. Pass it on.

You should.

-members of 2yo Nor Cal.

awesome video and the ending was funny


Dang it Joshodular, after this video, I threw my 5Star and no one caught it…

Haha, jk. Great video!

Maybe your best video yet!

I died.
josh, was it Tom or Alda who killed me?

Other 2 attempts were me, then Alda.


I love this video and its funny! Darn, I should be there…

Happy Throwing! =]

Awesome video!!! but I am NOT throwing my Dv888!

Of all of the voices I heard in the outtakes, yours was the most prominant, Josh, that was amazing, good job. Love the idea!! Was the throwing yoyo your MK3?

Well, obviously, he was the closest to the camera, filming. lol! And we threw around a cracked plastic,and used a OneDrop Project.

I will get Tom.

Love the Beginning.

The kid’s just sitting there and all of a sudden a yoyo hits him, “What the hell?” LOL

pretty kewl. nice work!