Yoyoing in the Beach? Try this!

If you want to skip the back story, then read the next paragraph…
So a few months ago my family went to Atlantic City for a few days. I brought my yo-yo case, as usual. There we took a walk down the boardwalk, and I started yo-yoing. Eventually it came to the point where I had to change my string. I didn’t have my case, and thus my string cutter, with me at the time, so I had to struggle with a few inches of string dangling from the slipknot. Obviously this was a pain as the string kept getting in the way. So when we got to the beach, I looked down and found a broken clam shell. It had a rather sharp edge, so that got me thinking, “Maybe…”

It turns out that broken shells make good string cutters! You just have to rub the string back and forth against the sharp edge(s). Of course, shells don’t make the best, or easiest to use, string cutters (it takes a bit of work to cut the string and the shells dull over time), but they’re pretty handy if you find yourself in need of one in a beach. Just be careful not to cut yourself walking barefoot across the sand.

Yeah I was out in the ocean at night yoyoing. It was one of the most enjoyable times I’ve had well yoyoing. C=

you’d have to slide your foot back and forth though, right ;D

I always yoyo at the beach….great at sunset…fun to fight the element as well… an RD1 looks really nice at the beach…

True innovation.

Now we just need a shell-based yoyo.

I’m thinking “The Hermit Crab”

I live on the beach, I walk down and Yoyo on the seawall every evening during sunset. I love it here.

sounds like somethin clyw would do

Walking the dog in sand is always fun…

Just make sure you do it with a plastic!!

The easy way to get a beadblast… ;D

I live in NYC. The only good place to yoyo is in my room. I love visiting family or family friends outside of the city because I get to yoyo outside and it’s so nice.