The Beach & Yoyos...Help Needed


I’m going on a week long beach trip next week. I will have at least 2 yoyos with me. Are there any precautions I should take while taking a yoyo to the beach? I know sand can damage a bearing. If anyone has any tips on things they do to keep their yoyo in tiptop shape while at the beach I would love to hear them. Thanks :slight_smile:

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If you’re predicting that yoyos are going to get sand in the components, simplify! Bring some loopers or fixed axle yoyos.

Other than that, I suppose just be careful not to let them touch the ground or get wet. Throw them into a backpack when you’re not using them instead of a pocket if you’re gonna be on the move.


There is sand and salt in the air. Just use the yoyos while you’re there and when you get back, clean the bearings. Simple.

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I work at the Huntington beach on the pier for a shop called Kite Connections. I demo outside the shop to promote their yoyo product. There’s no precautions you need to take yoyoing at a beach. However, hands do get clammy really fast at the beach.

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I live in Newport Beach for most of the summer, and all my yoyos are fine. I have my whole collection down here and every yoyo is still perfectly fine. If you’re going out to the water with one of your yoyos, store them properly when they aren’t in use so you don’t get sand anywhere in the yoyo, cause it’s a pain to get out. I have to echo what James said, your hands do get clammy really fast, and makes it hard to do certain tricks.

But other than that, you don’t really need to worry about anything! :wink:


So since hands get clammy fast I probably shouldn’t take a nickel plated yoyo…? It could be a nightmare. Haha


Yes, the salt air can be very bad for your strings. Also, saltwater is VERY bad for bearings. I would suggest taking one metal to keep inside, and a plastic or low grade metal to throw around outside or even at the beach if. You are careful.


You’ll find the string really drags on your hands once they get clammy. I would suggest some baby powder or something of that nature to help keep me dry. Otherwise you’re going to have a hard time with string tricks, and get stringburn.

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Walk the dog in the water right after the wave breaks (It’s less than 1" deep). It’s so satisfying.


I once walked the dog in a puddle. It was really cool.


I’ll take a PSG just for that :stuck_out_tongue:


Bring along a bunch of extra string and a few spare bearinigs. Make sure you have adequate storage for them as well.

Throwing at the beach is the best IMO. I live on the beach, and there is no place like it. !! ;D


Ill be there for about a week, so I’ll make sure to bring lots of string and a few spare bearings :slight_smile: