Yoyoing in Cambodia (Go Pro Tricks)

Haven’t made a trick video in a long time but I’m currently studying in Thailand and had the opportunity to go check out Angkor Wat with my buddy who had a GoPro.  Couldn’t do too many complex tricks as it was over 95 this past weekend but enjoy!


Yo, Coleman Weimer (ColemanWeimer is his forum name) is living in Thailand right now too, you should meet up with him.

Good tricks man

Aww man, I’m actually going to be heading back to the states in a few days after over 5 months here. Guess I should have posted that vid a little sooner, oops.

Ahhh, Coleman is a cool kid. Amazing yoyoer, would’ve been awesome for him to find someone to throw with for a day :wink:

This is dope! What city were you studying in?

Owen thank you that was a treat man.Well done and stay safe. James

I was studying in Chiang Mai, where in Thailand are you? Too bad we couldn’t meet up…
Thanks for the comments erryone

that was awesome! It was cool seeing some of the locals (i would assume) watch you too.

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I live in Khon Kaen.