CLYW: Austin Cook 2014

Two and a half years are here and it has been a great time and plus with all my friends at clyw and around the yoyo community i thank you all for being here i love you all :smiley: --------->

I liked it man! What is the filming location?

Miami FL thats in front of my house :3

Haha I was going to ask Miami. Sweet.

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yeah well i live here u wannna chill hit me up :slight_smile: 305 647 8633 :slight_smile:

It was kind of hard to pay attention to the tricks with that music… nice tricks btw.

realy :)? i think it flowed really well XD

It might have… but i couldn’t pay attention…

oh okay ill make sure that the music dossnt distract next time :3

Ewwww that’s nasty Bro!!!
When u gonna grace us with more tuts?

lol ill put up a new tutorial in about a week its gunna be a special new trick :smiley:



Nice man! Very good progress and own personal style in just over 2yrs of throwing. Sweet vid and keep on throwing!

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Thanks dude i will believe me it only gets better from here :smiley: