YoyoGirlsUnited x KnotCreators Trick Contest For the Ladies!

Hey yall!
So YoyoGirlsUnited and us at KnotCreators are collabing on a yoyo trick contest!
We wanted to take the opportunity to highlight and show some representation for the females/non-binary in the yoyo world and a contest was the perfect idea to make it happen!

This will be a trick contest hosted via instagram and is open to all female (Identifying as / AFAB as well as Non-Binary identies) of all ages.
Open to all players from any part of the world!

To enter, simply record and post your trick via instagram and use the hashtags #yoyogirlsunited #knotcreators and #trickcontestfortheladies
Entries will be taken until the deadline of midnight September 30th PST!

This contest is not necessarily about who has the “highest” skill level, but more about who can stand out from the crowd and do something that really wow’s up and shows something unique! Everyone will have a chance no matter what skill level!

There will be two winners for this as a choice on the KnotCreators side, and a choice on the YoyoGirlsUnites side!
Both winners will receive a brand new IceWoof from Knotcreators, and a $50 Gift card from YoyoExpert!
All shipping cost will be covered no matter where in the world the winner is from :slight_smile:

Be sure to check out
As well!

Best of luck to all!


So all I have to do is post one Really cool trick? Dose it matter how long the video is? Can it be many tricks?


Any chosen trick! And you can submit as many entries as you like :slight_smile: any length is fine


Hey, what dose AFAB or non binary yoyo players mean??

This is very cool. Thank you Abby, Jei and Andre <3

Assigned Female At Birth.

This is an umbrella term for gender identities that are not exclusively masculine or feminine, sometimes referred to as genderqueer.


Thank y’all for explaining! We wanted to really open this to less represented identities in the yoyo world so that is why we are including as such :slight_smile:


Just over a week left to enter! Some really cool entries but also not too many so your chances are still high of winning! Be sure to check out the hashtag on Instagram #trickcontestfortheladies to see what others have been putting out!


The final day! If you’ve been considering, now is the time!

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So, a person is eligible for a prize as long as they do not identify as"male"?

It is hard to understand the rationale here. Logical arguments are those that can be readily reversed and still make sense. This fails even that basic test.

I am sure the intentions are good. But like all things these days…

It was very clearly stated above: