Yoyofriends Beacon

Has anyone seen the new Beacon YoYofriends they posted on thier FB page?

Looks I interesting, I’ve got one of each on the way


yeah no idea about this one but hoping its good cause i have one coming

They used the same caps on both, but they look better on the blue as the red on the cap stands out much more

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Looks interesting. I think it’s not a purpose built looper?

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Is this a responsive yoyo?

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Fantastic coloring on these :hugs:

Yes owlfriend, its responsive =]

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Yeah, with that gap and that bearing choice + pad choice this is 100% just a modern responsive yoyo in an imperial body, not a looper.

I like the look of this a lot more than Duncan’s metal imperial.

Edit: I just went on yoyofriends website and here’s a profile picture. These are also only 22 dollars. Sheesh, that price has me super tempted to grab one. Looks like a real fun modern responsive option.


The only reason I haven’t jumped on it is the 50mm diameter lol, so smol


Yeah it better be responsive with an A bearing and 2.17mm gap.

Yeah seeing as the duncan imperial is 60 this at like 20 feels like an easy move. Also the rounded shape will probably lend its self to landing on a string a tad easier than the duncan. would be neat to cram a spare a bearing i have with grease and see if it could loop for the fun of it.

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I bet it does!

Here are the specs for the Imperial Al