yoyofficer Quash any input?

Just wondering if anyone has the quash by yoyofficer yet i can’t find any reviews on it and i am between this or the imp please help someone i was also concerned on the weight of both of these yoyos any input would be much appreciated since i don’t own or have never thrown a yoyofficer thanks in advanced.just wanting to know about stability and how well it plays compared to other throws

I got a imp about a week ago. Didnt know what to expect since it is my first yyo. I am very happy with it. Plays just as good as my high end throws. Not heavy, stable, feels good in the hand. I did switch out the bearing for a ctx, but the bearing it came with was just fine. I just had a extra ctx, and imo the ctx is the best. I plan on getting more yyo throws. If your on the fence i say go for it. Cant go wrong with how cheap they are.

Thanks for input I was a little skeptical because of weight on how stable it would be

My yoyofficer Orbis is a ounce heavier, but it sleeps for 2.5 minutes+. Pretty stable and quick for a lighter throw, plus the yoyofficer quality.

I get 6 minutes sleep on my classic does it make it the best yoyo?

Without string manipulation.

I’d say that makes it a pretty cool yoyo.

Both are great yoyos and you can’t really go wrong with either of them.

However, I do prefer the Imp a tad more than the Quash. The Imp is extremely stable and I really dig the weight distribution on it. However, if you do want something that plays faster, go with Quash! Either way, they’re both solid throws.

Thanks for the input i also have a classic cleqned bearing and siliconed love it as a beater but i still am torn between the Imp quash and a little toward the jaeger i think thats how its spelled