With such an amazing variety of new releases at unbelievable prices, YOYOFFICER is quickly making a name for themselves as a top yo-yo company! They make some really high performance yo-yos and their latest design to hit the market is no exception, this is the QUASH!

YOYOFFICER created the Quash with the idea of a mid sized competition level yo-yo in mind. They modeled it after their two mid-range v-shape models, the Imp and Lava, but but decided to give it a wider stance to increase the catch zone, stability, and generally make it more suitable for competitive play.

The Quash holds a beautiful balance between agility and stability without sacrificing spin time. And the straight V-shape with the even weight distribution makes this one of the fastest yo-yos in the YOYOFFICER lineup!

Agile, stable, and super fast; the Quash is a really fun yo-yo that can rule at home or on the stage!