yoyofficer on YYE

I am so excited for yoyofficer to finally be here at YYE. All of their throws look so nice and they work well with my budget,

I got the Aura quite some time ago from another retailer. All I am willing to say is that I’ve been exceptionally pleased with this item. It cost me $50, and it is NOT a $50 yoyo, it’s definitely value-priced because it’s really a good player.

I tried a Brave side by side with a chief. I actually liked the Brave more.

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I think dasher will not be released on yoyoexpert, since we don’t make it anymore.

In future you can expect our newer models on yoyoexpert.

I’ve thrown the crayon, auras, fit, & brave and if those I ended up buying the fit because it was the one I liked the most the rim is really different and the undersized has me intrigued.

He more I play with the fit the more I like it, but it’s really taken a seriously long time to warm up to it. I have to say the cheap knock off bearings suck I’ve had nothing but issues with mine and I’m considering tossing it in the trash…

Outside of that I’m beginning to really enjoy the fit. It’s wide and small diameter really make me want to love it so I’ve given it way more chances then something not undersized or as wide.

I hope YoyoOfficer will change their bearings, that’s the only real complaint I have otherwise I think these are good inexpensive yoyos for a market that is wanting nice playing metal yoyos for under $100 (heck under. $75).

What bearing was in your Fit? Centrac or FLAT?

It came with a concave (looks like the bearing in the new prodigy but squeaks and doesn’t spin nicely at all) doesn’t look like a centertrac and it’s not flat.)

Are you on Facebook I can send you a photo?

Yoyofficer was using konkave bearings in past, but all new models for past few months come with bearing similiar to centertrac. If cleaned and slightly lubed, it works great for long time.

But due to some patents active in USA, Yoyofficer yo-yos sold in USA now comes with flat bearing to avoid any problems.

Well, then you’ll just force me to figure out what bearing I’m going to eventually choose to permanently reside in the yoyo.

Or: what I was probably gonna do anyways.

This patent issue isn’t unheard of. A few other brands have similar issues. I will say that this shouldn’t discourage anyone from checking out the YoYofficer brand. I’ve been exceptionally pleased with the Aura that I bought from a well-known Japanese store, and the Brave and Crayon are two more on my wants list.

I’m eyeing the Aura and Brave. Not sure whcih one to get but im leaning towards the Aura. That is, if I decide to waste more moolah on yoyos haha.

Just want to tell you, Yoyofficer is now making only new models( H-K), so these A - F are last run ever made(will probably make some G again). So if you like any of them, take your chance to get one, it’s probably your last.

I thought “yoyofficer” was a slang term for a moderator.

I didn’t even realize the naming convention until I read this post which is pretty awesome