Yoyofficer Brave Video!


Comments and any Criticisms are welcome! =p

Some cool tricks there! My criticisms are all video-related and not yoyoing-related:

  1. There are some serious interlacing issues going on; if you record your videos in an “i” format (720i, 1080i) you will probably need to run them through a de-interlacer before uploading. The better solution is to sacrifice a lower resolution and do not use the interlaced format. If you have to choose between 720p and 1080i, the 720p wins.

  2. The aspect ratio is messed up. This can happen during video conversion as well. The sides are “squooshed in” which results in letterboxing but also just distorted images (you are taller and thinner than in real life. :wink: )

  3. Some of the clever tricks here would have benefited from switching between camera angles. If you’re “video-minded”, you can spoof/fake multiple camera angles by filming the same trick multiple times. Most viewers won’t pick up on subtle differences in how your mounts turned out, etc. Or worst case scenario, just film some tricks in their entirety from a different angle.

Thanks for sharing the video, though! Wish I could yoyo that good. :wink:

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Pretty good video although I had a hard time seeing the string at times, but it was decent.


Thanks for the tips! As you can see, I don’t have much skill in recording or editing, so I really appreciate it. Hopefully the next video I make will have these issues fixed.