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Can you elaborate? I am curious why more companies tend to choose over the rim rings instead of in the cup.



(Spinworthy Glen) #23

Thanks. Will the next run of Turntable still be USA made and the same price?


Yup, we finally got some free machine time locally.


I regretted not getting a Turntable in the first run, good to hear!


I have a NINE Dragons coming in, the design is too intriguing to pass up. Can’t wait to give it some quality play. Yes, before anyone asks, there will be a review when I am done. :slight_smile:


Edge release day is today. Expect to see them on YoYoExpert within 24hrs


Turntable release postponed. Anyone want a few hundred with vibe :frowning: >:(

Ex Machina is next now.
Think of Cyborg as an evolution of man and machine.
The machine killed man, bonded with more metal and here you have it.
pictures and specs soon.

(yoyobro!) #29

Will you guys be selling the B-grades?


What’s vibe? I’ll take one!

(Matty#14) #31

Years after picking up a Yuuksta at Worlds 2010 it’s still my favorite throw
A true classic


I loved my yuuksta. Yoyofactory has quite a few undersized models I’d like to see brought back and modernized. There’s a whole range of undersized to mid sized diameters (50-54mm) that seem under utilized to me. Imagine a bimetal yuuksta that was maybe more midsized like 52-53mm… Sign me up.

Don’t miss out on the new boss, is a solid player for only $30.

(Matty#14) #33

I agree. I’m trying to get back into throwing after few years of being inactive in the market/community, and I’m pretty sad to see such a lack of undersized throws since when I left. That 50-54mm range is definitely my favorite size range, the closer to 50 the better.
I loved the old Boss, I’ll have to check out the new one.


Any info on the space cadet that we can know? :slight_smile:


now that the mystery yoyos are all sold out can we get the specs on the yoyo I have one and am very curious to find out. :stuck_out_tongue:

I plan on writing a review and the specs would be nice to know. :stuck_out_tongue:


Will the new Popstar have an official release? I think there’s a space in the market for something in between a super tiny yoyo like the mighty flea, and a undersized yoyo, like the Boss. I will buy one…


yes. The design is by Chen Jia Lin who makes the 9 Dragons for us. He just started his own machine shop and is not a ‘volume’ producer which mean we are getting them in dribs and drabs rather than a bulk delivery. Once we get enough to make it worth their time we have given YoYoExpert a verbal promise of being the release partner so you will see them here first!

Its also not the only yoyo we will be putting in that space 8)


Do you have a price point yet?


Just a quick question, is the finish on the second run of popstar the same? I am planning on fulfilling my promise of purchasing one tomorrow…


Feels about the same to me.