YoYoFactory Undeniable Review

Well, I just got a ahold of one of these DVDs today, and just finished watching it.

When I put it in my laptop and started watching, the video starts off with The video “VK”, which I had watched a lot of times before. I was worried most of the video would be stuff I had seen before. Then I continue watching…

It was some of the players playing spintops, it was quite cool. some of it I had seen, some not.

Basicly the rest was stuff I had never seen, and some of it blew me away. The quality is amazing too, so the string was visible almost the whole time.

The scenery I really enjoyed. Most shots had some sort of special bachground. Some of it was shot in Japan, some in Italy (I think) and some in Ney York.

Something I didn’t like about it is that I didn’t see Tyler in it at all. I’ll admit I’m probably not his biggest fan, but I think he has great skill, and is a great part of the YoYoFactory Team. I was hoping to see him in the video. That was pretty much the only thing I didn’t like about it.

Overall, Its a DVD worth trying to get. i definely enjoed it, and will be watching it again.

wanna let me borrow it? :smiley:

Will you let me borrow your P2? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeh, I got the DVD along with A DV888 for christmas and boy they were like my best presents, I think that the DVD is definitely worth getting and also Paolo what was your favorite part in the whole DVD?

Oh so it is mostly stuff we haven’t seen, because I looked at the trailer for it, and when it was done, I’m like, “Hey, I’ve seen most of this stuff on youtube.” Good, thanks for the review.

Undeniable was already in the editing stage of production before Tyler was made an official part of the YoYoFactory Contest Team. The DVD features approximately 30 minutes of never before seen footage and 15 minutes of classic videos some of you may be familiar with. 16 videos, 45 minutes, 1 Undeniable DVD.

I really like your spintop freestyles and also your yoyo ones were great to especially the one out side the train station I think, I think Kentaro was standing there as well do some awesome 3a! It is such a good DVD!

Sure why not? :stuck_out_tongue:

My favorite part is John Ando 2A in Japan.

Love that song, and how well it goes with the yoyoing

Yeh thats pretty awesome, I just but his signiture yoyo, protostar, it is really good!!!

I love watching Yuuki’s bit…Does anyone know what song is being used for it? It’s stuck in my head.

Also, it was just cool to see that these people are just regular joes (I mean, I know I shouldn’t have expected different, but still)

I would wager that all the songs used are in the credits.
Or you could ask Miguel, if you wanna’ be super lazy.

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I’d do that, but I’ve only seen bits of it. I don’t have the physical DVD yet. :frowning: I was very misleading, sorry.

The song is in the credits. I’ll get it later. I’m over at my friend’s right now.

Acually now I have it! >:D

Nice review Paolo! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.

The song is We Can by Sometimes it rains.