Yoyofactory Ricochet

My Paul Han Onestar came in the mail today, and along with it came a huge yoyofactory poster. On the back there’s a picture of a yoyo called “The Ricochet”. The description next to it says that it’s YYF’s first Titanium yoyo. Anyone heard anything about this?

Lol his face

Yeah I have from that giant poster too I think it’s coming out later this year.

More companies need to make posters as pack-ins. I’d dig that so hard.

wait wait whats this talk of a poster coming with the onestar?

Our new Catalog folds out to a poster!

when does the new packaging come?

I’m pretty sure I need one of those ricochets. Any word yet on pricing?

I can’t see anything with all those sparks in the way…

Yeah I just got that poster with the one star also

mine came with a messed up bearing seat and no poster? the heck happened to me?

U get it at VA States? I never saw you btw…

maybe it only comes with one of the campion collection yoyos.

the roads were crazy where I was at that day. ice… ice everywhere…

Paul Han onestar. It’s a champions collection.

this is why we stayed at our friends in ashland (thats just outside richmond) for the day before so we didn’t have to worry too much about the ice.