yoyofactory perks?

I have heard a number of people say they bought new yoyos because of yyf perks. I have done a fair bit of looking into this but cannot find out what they are referencing when they say that. Can anyone help me out by explaining it to me?

Yoyofactory did a crowd sourcing recent to fund a new titanium yoyo.

You can see down the right hand column they had some perks that you could buy (special yoyos, discounts etc) in order to help the funding.

Most of them are gone now, but that’s where they were. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick reply!

You will start hearing about these “perks” again soon. Those who contributed to the campaign have the option of remaining on mailing list for future perks and discounts. I replied to the email this week, that asked if I wanted to remain on the list. I’m looking forward to that. So, if you hear about “perks” again in the future, that’s the deal.