Free YoYoFactory Northstar with $100 YYF Purchase!


Get a FREE YoYoFactory Northstar Fingerspin when you spend $100 or more on YoYoFactory products! Available while supplies last!

(ClockMonsterLA) #2

Damn, I wish I had waited one day to place yesterday’s order… grrrrr… :sob:


I was just looking at Shutters the other day wondering if that promo had ended. This seems like a good replacement, albeit a fair bit more money.

(Ken) #4

What yo-yo(s) did you get?

(ClockMonsterLA) #5

A red Space Cowboy and a red SFX.

(Ken) #6

Nice! Hope you enjoy em’


Got it.

A Yoyo case
Flea string
Spinstars to give out (lots)
A glove
And this free NorthStar!