YoyoFactory MARCH Calendar (pics of new VK ss!)

No Lime Green like the CZM8… :’(

That yellow seems to have a hint of green to it. Lookin’ good from over here!

Dat black w/steel ring! I think this is true love lust. :

My wallet is ready.

I have a weird feeling that this Bi-metal is going to be cheaper than most, but i want to wait for the OD bi-metal too…

Yup yup. BUT… OD just put out the Downbeat (not even at stores yet I don’t think), so they’ll want to ride that for a while. As long as the VK SS becomes available soonish, we should be able to set some pennies aside for the OD one when it drops… <<_<<

Darn. I had enough trouble getting the CZM8 ("$45 for a yoyo!!! Do you know how much that is?! This is the only time we’re spending this much for a yoyo…"), but if a Green one comes out I cannot exist. I might hold out for the second Vashek Kroutil yoyo coming out soon

I hope that there are blue ones with heavy blast so that it can match my og vk coming in the mail.

A few bits of updated information from YYF’s ask.fm:

The VKss is 7075 aluminium (and made in the USA), which I’m very happy about since I love the way that 7075 feels and sounds.

The other pink yoyos in the picture above (and the raw one) are the new CZM8 that Vashek has been collaborating with Kentaro on. Estimated price they’ve put at around $45 for solids, like the former CZM8. Still, the regular CZM8 was one of the best value-for-money yoyos I’ve ever thrown, so adding Kentaro’s magic touch at the same price point… methinks that’s going to be something special. :slight_smile:

^ Those are looking great! I wonder what the standard engraving will look like. I can’t wait for this one.