Yoyofactory genesis vs aviator

I don’t know witch one is better I like the genesis but the aviator looks pretty cool I’m looking for a good yoyo for speed

Would get the aviator if you’re looking for more speed unless you’re looking at the 7075 genesis.

I have a 7075 genesis and its faster than I expected. I think it’s the lightest version of the genesis so it moves really well. To me it feels faster than my supernova but that may be because I feel like I can go faster because its more stable.

Haven’t tried the aviator but if u got the 7075 genesis I think it’d suit ya! U could even pick up mine off my bst :wink:

I like both. I think, however, that the Aviator is faster and, IMO, better.

i was going to get the old genesis so whats better

The aviator compared to the old genesis… Well the old genesis is moderately slow and others have said that the aviator is fast so I think that’s ur answer.