Yoyofactory daydream

What’s it like? Should I get it?

Think H2o has one. He can tell.

Please lmk if you find any feedback on this yoyo i have been searching for info on this and the replay metal and the yyo quash

I believe the DayDream is the same as the plastic “Big Dream” yoyo that came as part of the perks for the Dream Titanium yoyo. If so, it is an oversize yoyo, ~63mm diameter, 45mm wide. Using my not so precise kitchen scale (only measures in whole grams) 69g (with string and bearing).

I like this plastic yoyo. Mine has a flat bearing, which plays fine. For laughs I tried a center track bearing, and it spun forever (well, actually it let me get through my 1 minute NER routine with only one throw, and still it bound strong). My daughter has a Replay Pro, I think I prefer the DayDream to the Replay Pro, and the Replay Pro is a fine yoyo.

The DayDream has minimal vibe (after smoothing with fingernail), but, I’m not one who hates vibe, in fact, sometimes I like a throw with a little vibe, it lets me know the yoyo is still spinning.

To put the yoyo into perspective, below is a picture of it next to a YYF Horizon.

It depends on what you’re looking for in a yo-yo. I’ve enjoyed playing with the Daydream lately. It’s really big and almost feels like you’re throwing a small 4A yo-yo, which is actually pretty fun. Even though it’s large and close to 68g, the weight distribution offers more of a floaty/light feel that brings out a more laid back style of play. It has a smooth finish that’s decent for grinds too.

Overall I think YoYoFactory did a great job with the Daydream, but don’t expect anything revolutionary. It’s not an “oh my god this is the best plastic i’ve ever thrown” type of yo-yo, but more of a “this is pretty fun and different, let’s what else it can do” type of yo-yo.

For the price, I say grab one (or the replay/daydream after party pack) and just see how you like it.