Yoyofactory Aluminium Dream Review

Yoyofactory Aluminium Dream

These days many companies are releasing yoyos for the budget conscious, and Yoyofactory is the first company I’ve seen to release affordable metal yoyos that are competition quality. When the Shutter released in 2013, it blew people away that they could get their hands on a yoyo that performs so well for $45. Not only that, it still stands up well against current releases and was even used by Gentry Stein to take the world title in 2014, proving that budget metal can be as capable as premium.

The Aluminium Dream is further down the line in the same pedigree at $45, and was originally only intended to be bundled in the investment campaign for the Titanuim Dream. Yoyofactory decided that the yoyo was just too good in its own right and needed its own release. I’m sure glad they did.


Diameter:56 mm
Width:43 mm
Gap Width:4.55 mm
Weight:65.6 g

The design is a V shape with beefy rims with an angle cut up underneath, opening up an effective IRG zone. Although the rims look quite thick, Yoyofactory have said that the weight distribution is fairly even. The hub has a small spike in the center and a little raised ring around the edge. The simple engravings look sharp and the whole package is enough to stop it from looking too plain. I like the look.

Opening up the yoyo reveals a center trac bearing and blue pads. I have said in the past that the center tracs tend sound gritty, and I’ve grown to like that for some reason. Looking around the response reveals a very small and well rounded off wall, I believe this part is indicative of the more even distribution when considered with the rest of the design.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got this yoyo, but there are few yoyos that I’ve thrown that have given me such a good first impression as this one. I immediately felt a torquey sensation as the the yoyo rolled to the bottom and spun with a sense of confident power. It moves with a great balance of hefty speed. Just like the design of the Titanium Dream was to take full advantage of the material, so was the Aluminium Dream. They wanted to bring out the ‘sweetness’ of aluminium. That can be felt very keenly as you use this yoyo, I’d also describe it as a velvety smooth and soft feeling. This is one of my all-time favourite feeling yoyos. It is marvelous to use.

Its performance is also a treat, it’s 6061 monometal at it’s finest. Very stable, long spinning and perfect for a wide variety of play styles. Yoyofactory are masters at nailing the solid, trustworthy and aggressive performance that encourages you to continually throw enthusuatically. I honestly can’t bring a single complaint to the table about this yoyo and I’ve been throwing it for months.

The Aluminium Dream is a very impressive addition to Yoyofactory’s lineup. It is evident that they designed it carefully and have succeeded in creating something that really draws out the strengths and appeal of 6061 aluminium. If you get your hands on one, just be aware that you may start to find your 100+ yoyos collecting dust.


Nice review! I should have one waiting for me when I go home today from the indiegogo campaign.