YoyoFactory at MER?

do any of u guys know if the mid east regional yoyo contest will have a YoyoFactory table that sells yyf yo’s? Thx

It’s actually MAR (Mid Atlantic Regionals) and I’m not sure if they will have a booth but they are sponsoring the contest.

No, Mid East Regionals is in Michigan, so please don’t correct him when you have false information. But to answer your question, I’m not completely sure, but someone said they did and someone said they didn’t, but they also said that they were sponsored by yoyofactory but they mostly use CLYW’s. But I have that same question. What city do you live in?

YYF practically shows up at almost all contests to sell B-Grades and stuff. So most likely you’ll see Ben and them there.

Or maybe not.

Chris Frasier often competes at MER, and is sponsored by YYF, I dont know if that means anything but… it might…