I heard MER is coming in April. I might beable to go.

It’s in Michigan am i right? If it’s in Michigan i can go to it.

Is anyone go to MER? ???


Its June 19th, but I tried to look for where it was, but I couldnt find it :frowning:

That’s MidWest. I believe he was talking about MidEast.
That was last year’s. All I could find.

Whoops, I’m sorry. In the chat, I thought they were talking abour MWR. Sorry

actually i belive its on july 11 2009 im going its at plymouth michigan i went last year
:smiley: check it out

Hey Abe!  Thanks for the infermation, and Welcome to YoYoExpert!  You will have a great time here!


Yeah, I posted that link earlier, but it probably won’t be on the same exact date. Most likely around that general date, though.

kim lan are you going

I don’t know, but i might be able to go! Lol. I hope to see some of you guys there!

Nope. I’m in California, so there’s no chance that I’m going.

Aww. All the good Yo-Yoers are in Cali. I want to live there! No one yo-yo’s here except Mitchell7x somthing like that but he quit YYE :frowning: And Robert.

Im 20 miles east of St. Louis and I love to yo are you going to Mo states in St. Louis

Steven, you gonna go to MWR?

Well, me and my mom will have to think about that one. So it’s a mabye right now.


so are you going to mer