Mid East Regionals

It is July 13 at Plymouth Cultural Center, 525 Farmer Street, Plymouth, Michigan 48170

Website: http://www.yojake.com/mer.html

I am going. Who else is going to be there?



Ill be there :slight_smile:

Definitely me. By the way, does anyone know the time it starts and registration cost?

MidEast ??? I think they are just making up excuses to have contest :slight_smile:

It is one of the official NYYL regions here is the map from there website: http://www.yojake.com/MER%202013/MER%20Graphics/2010-Regional-map.gif

What excuse do you need to have a contest, other than the contest itself?

Haha I know those states are normally recognized as the mid west (except west virginia)

I never understood that myself, but if it means I get to have an awesome contest in my home state, I don’t really care.

Exactly one month from today!

You sure?

LOL I believe you mean the term, a “month”. If they refer to months as weeks on your planet, nevermind me xD

Oops. Yeah, I meant one MONTH.

I’m still on the fence. I want to go, but I’m afraid I’ll look stupid trying to freestyle.

My friend David competed at PNWR with a cast on, performed, messed up some tricks and still got cheered on and congratulated. You’ll be fine :wink:


Participating is what counts. I’m afraid ill look stupid doing sport ladder on account of the three tricks I’m struggling with. Still gonna do it.

I missed rock the baby and double or nothing at Indiana states because of being nervous. You can’t look much stupider.But I am going to MER and going to try again.

I looked pretty stupid last year at MER, but I’ve recently had a breakthrough in my researches of not looking stupid: The key is to not stupid. Or you could just have a good time and not worry about it, that works too.

I think typically registration starts at 9 for MER. And someone correct me if I’m wrong (I’m going off of memory) but it’s $5 per division to compete and free to watch.