michigan state contest?

(yoyo kid eastown GR) #1

I live in michigan and I was wondering if there is a state yoyo contest here.


The Mideast Regional Yo-yo Contest is going to be  held in Michigan this year:

(yoyo kid eastown GR) #3

Do you know if you have to register before the contest?


No, you can register there.

(yoyo kid eastown GR) #5

sweet it being about 2 1/2 months away I just might go

(yoyo kid eastown GR) #6

do u have to do the whole song preformance thing?


No, you can just go watch.


If you do compete, and you don’t have a song, generally they will have some for you. If you don’t decide to freestyle, you could probably do Sports Ladder

(yoyo kid eastown GR) #9

is there some place I can find the sports ladder?

(JonasK) #10

The sports ladder can be found here: http://nationalyoyo.org/contest/2007/pages/sport.php