Hi guys,

Its a question to people who use the YoyoExpertTutorials Channel on youtube. Your Tuts are great but lately there has been no updates, so I was wandering if you guys still use the account?


P.s I noticed the last sign in date was 3 months ago!

Oh yeah, I was thinking about updating it, but I forgot the password. :stuck_out_tongue:


why not just use the one on the site instead?

The YoYoxpert Tutorial channel on youtube contains more complex tricks.

was the password… yoyoexpert 8)?

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hah i love your reviews on youtube Rune

How much you wanna bet the password is: Samad. :stuck_out_tongue:

1,000,000, haha.

Doesn’t Jeremy and Zach, Jayyo, and Kim-Lan own that account too?

Nope. Just Jeremy and Zach.

Anyway, I found out the password. But it wasn’t any of the ones you guys suggested. I’ll hopefully have another tutorial out by this weekend now. I’m not going to focus on combos now. From here on out, my tutorials are going to be mounts, or elements of tricks.

Good one Samad, can’t wait to see it. :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]

Under Mount to Wrist Thing!

I got about two more filmed, so expect one this weekend, and another next weekend. :slight_smile:

Yeah, Jeremy and Zach own it, but Jeremy makes the most videos, and they haven’t been on for a while.

Hooray! YYET is starting up again. :slight_smile:

Wait, what and why?

Well, kinda. Just for some mounts and trick elements.

Another great tutorial. It was really easy to learn. Thanks, Samad.

Haha! I’ll message it to you, dude. I was actually gonna post a couple of 5A tuts for some originals I’ve been working on. Also some 1A. Just gotta find the time to edit.

Wait, you already got it. I should have read the whole frakking thread first. XD


I’m mad at you.

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