I never knew about this!!! But AWESOME!!

Yikes! I shouldn’t have posted the tutorial yet! The channel isn’t ready, but since you found it, I might as well tell you guys…

So one day I realized there were too many tutorial requests, and I was too lazy to do them all. So I decided I was gonna make another personal channel of mine like “Samad” and post a tutorial once a week. However, I decided to affiliate it with YYE, hence - YoYoExpertTutorials.

Now, I am not the only one in this. Xdohl is too!

I was thinking that it was gonna be too hard by myself, so I needed a partner in crime - Er uh…tutorial making. So I thought Xdohl was the best guy for the job since he is awesome.

People have been asking for more tutorials and such, so this is the place to get them. Make sure you subscribe and check back every week (I recommend Sundays :)) and there will be new tutorials.

This is the channel Xdohl was talking about being “incahoots” with, by the way :slight_smile:
And as you can tell, the channel is still a work in progress.

~Samad and Xdohl (Jeremy)


I clicked on it cuz I saw Samad and noticed it wasn’t on his account…

Just wondering, is this going to be something like what yoyoskills does where everyone can submit tutos or is it just going to be you?